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Friday, 24 July 2009

LaterDude : Reminds call, sms or email in Blackberry

LaterDude : Reminds call, sms or email in Blackberry
LaterDude Pro is an application that reminds you to call, SMS or email someone. The efficiency of it is that it creates a new event into the internal calendar application.

After installation, LaterDude Pro acts as a memory resident program and is always present on your BlackBerry via the application key.

You click on Menu -> Remind me later! to access the application.
You can launch LaterDude Pro from everywhere, but if you are in the following applications then you can invoke the current entry:

- Call Log
- Messages/Email Application
- SMS Application
- Address Book

From the above applications you can select an entry to directly get its contents imported into the fields of LaterDude Pro.

For example if you want to get notified tomorrow that you have to contact your Doctor, you go into the Address Book, scroll to your Doctor’s entry, press Menu -> Remind me later! to set up a call-back reminder. The phone number and name is then already set in the LaterDude Pro application.
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