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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Show off BlackBerry Onyx 9020 Rumor

Show off BlackBerry Onyx 9020  Rumor
Just simply more photographic confirmation that the coming BlackBerry Onyx 9020 will have the optical trackpad, like the 8520 device.

The picture of above show the BlackBerry Onyx 9020 (left) and the Gemini 8520 (right). I’ve heard nice things about the optical trackpad from those using it, and it all reminds me of RIM’s move a few years ago from the side trackwheel to the front and center trackball and all the hoop-la that caused among trackwheel devotees. So, is this the beginning of a new pathwith the TrackPad—the end of the Trackball?

“They’ll get my trackwheel when they pry my cold carpal-tunel-led thumbs from it,” I recall reading. Oh I expect the naysayers to surface about the optical trackpad as well.

I just want to know if the trackpad can change colors from the native OS, or will new apps like “PaintMyPad” (BlingBall) and “ColorPad “(ColorPearl) be necessary?

That is the important question!


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