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Thursday, 23 July 2009

How to Add New Blackberry Ringtones

If you receive an email containing a link to a ringtone that you want to download, open the email, highlight the URL, and select Get Link. Depending on the software used, if a URL is not clickable, you can just copy and paste the address directly into your mobile browser. Then follow these steps:

Save the downloaded file, either to the ringtones folder on your Blackberry or onto a memory card (if you have one installed). If both are options, using the card conserves a bit of memory.

  • After the download completes, leave the browser

  • Back in the home screen, you can edit the ringtone’s settings (when you want it to play, etc.) under Profiles -> Advanced. If you want to, you can set custom ringtones for each of your contacts.


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