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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Download Mail Rule Manager for Blackberry

Mail Rule Manager is a BlackBerry addon that allows you to sort incoming messages based on a set of one or more rules.

No more tricks or hacks involving Outlook or redirection settings just to filter your mails on BlackBerry. No more sifting through hundreds of spam messages on your BlackBerry just to get to the important e-mail that you need to get your work done.

Mail Rule Manager does it all in one go! And it does this directly on your device. For ex, you can filter incoming emails on your BlackBerry based on one or more of sixteen comprehensive conditions like filter by sender or subject, or email account based filters, or attachment based filters etc. A combination of ten different actions can be taken on filtered emails like auto forwarding, auto reply, mark as read or even auto delete messages and much more! Finally, Mail Rule Manager also allows you to create Exceptions to each rule so that you can create really complex filters to suit your every need.

With a clean and simple interface, Mail Rule Manager makes filtering and managing your endless stream of emails on BlackBerry way simpler. Try the most advanced and feature rich BlackBerry filter & rule manager today.

Download HotKey Manager for Blackberry

HotkeyManager for blackberry is a must-have keyboard shortcut manager for BlackBerry devices. With HotkeyManager, you can easily create and manage shortcuts to applications, phone calls and system utilities for your BlackBerry. Boosting up your mobile experience is just one click away!

HotkeyManager seamlessly integrates with the BlackBerry OS and helps you convert your daily tasks and various BlackBerry functions to a list of keyboard shortcuts. With HotkeyManager

You can setup shortcuts to BlackBerry applications (such as Alarm, Calendar, Google Maps, MemoryUp, NetworkAcc and Texas Hold’Em King 2, etc.), shortcuts to phone calls by simply adding contacts from your BlackBerry contacts, and shortcuts to BlackBerry system utilities (such as Open/Close WiFi, Open/Close Signal, Camera, Email/SMS/MMS/PIN, and Shutdown BlackBerry, etc.). All the tedious scrolling and searching now turns into a single hotkey-click.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Download Formula One Mobile Application for Blackberry

Formula One Mobile Application
The Formula1.com Application for blackberry is the essential app for Formula One fans and streams real-time data direct from Formula One Management's Technical Facility at the race track. It displays the same information supplied to the teams from every session of the weekend, instantly putting you at the heart of the action.


Download IM+ Talk for Blackberrry

With IM+ Talk for blackberry you can chat with Skype friends, call any PC, mobile or landline phone from wherever you are, making it very cost effective and it does not need Wi-Fi and works on all carriers networks as well.

Feature of IM+ talk for blackberry :
· Call Skype users to their PCs
· Make cost-effective calls to any destination
· Free VOIP calls
· See who is online and chat with Skype users
· Avatars support and a new look of User Interface: contact list grid, new scrollbars and more!
· One Time Fee, all updates included

Download Blackberry AppWorld for Blackberry Phone

Blackberry Appworld mobile application allows you to browse through a wide variety of many other Blackberry apps and download and install them on the spot from the application. Many different developers contribute their applications to the library that’s available for download. The limitation to this application is that you must have a free PayPal account in order to get through checkout of some apps. You can download Appworld from your Blackberry’s browser here:


Friday, 25 December 2009

Empower SMS Viewer for Blackberry

Empower SMS Viewer for Blackberry

Empower SMS Viewer is SMS Software for all texting addicts out there, with Empower SMS Viewer you can give your SMS messages a chatstyle screen, see different icons for both incomming or outgoing SMS messages, or even have smilies inside your messages.

Some of Empower SMS Viewer features are:
Seamless Integration with the native SMS app.
Incoming and Outgoing SMS icons.
Turn URLs into colorful web-links.
Express better with real graphic Smileys!
Different options for font, style, headers etc.
Numerous customization option to configure it exactly the way you want.
Supported on ALL OS 4.2.1 and above!

Download Windows 7 theme for BlackBerry

This one of a kind Windows 7 theme for BlackBerry takes Windows mobile to a completely new look! Authentic Windows icons and wallpapers makes this a must have Windows style theme for your BlackBerry.

download http://store.blackberrycool.com/product.asp?id=36656&n=Windows%2D7